5 Places to Buy Modern Furniture in Canada

January 12, 2018

5 Places to Buy Modern Furniture in Canada

Somehow it seems that American media in particular has established itself as the dominant force in Western popular culture. The American influence can leave Canada inhabitants wondering where they fit, as the two countries are similar enough in language, technological advancement, and everyday lifestyles while operating on different currencies. Especially if you’re from Canada but visiting in America, search options on your computer might automatically refer you to American stores and retail locations. Many retailers will ship from America to Canada, but plenty of Canada residents want to be able to visit a store in person first. Here are five places both in person and online you can get your modern furniture fix in Canada!

  1. Ikea
    Having originated in Sweden, it should be no surprise that Ikea has expanded its horizons across the borders of continents and countries. Luckily, you don’t have to live in America to have access to the modern furniture giant. Ikea has been sweeping across Europe and North America, and most recently has been opening more locations in Canada. Ikea is known as being the leading furniture retailer in the modern or contemporary design. Swedish modern furniture has been trending for the most part of the recent few decades, and Ikea is as Swedish and modern as they come. Most of the other modern furniture retailers have a hard time distancing themselves from Ikea’s reputation of leading the movement towards modern furniture. As of 2017, Ikea has locations in Montreal, Quebec City, Ottowa, Boucherville, Burlington, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Coquitlam, Richmond, Etobicoke, Vaughan, and North York.

  2. Wayfair
    Wayfair is a popular American-based company that has a Canada-friendly alternative so you can shop in Canadian currency. Wayfair was opened as a website only, but became so popular that it has opened a few distribution centers in America. Wayfair is a marketer of modern decor and interior design and is an especially popular website among younger homeowners for their trendy, contemporary pieces. Wayfair is also the kind of place you might stumble across something completely random that doesn’t fit a certain theme necessarily, but you might just realize you absolutely need it in your home. Wayfair has an extensive selection of items not just including full furniture sets but also decor ranging from kitchen placeware, bedding, rugs, and even outdoor furniture. 

  3. AllModern
    As if we couldn’t get enough of Wayfair, AllModern is its discount sister company. AllModern combines fresh, clean designs with classic colors and shapes. Whether you’re looking for kitchen items, living room sets, or new decorations, the broad AllModern selection offers you not only a variety of styles and items, but also has a piece for every budget. Whether you’re looking for luxury or something more affordable, AllModern is sure to have something for you, even if it takes some time to find the right piece after hunting for a bit. Not to mention the fact that since AllModern is connected to Wayfair, they’re more than happy to accept Canadian currency. Similar to Wayfair, AllModern is primarily an online distributor only.

  4. Emfurn
    Did you really think we would go through a list of furniture distributors without mentioning one of the largest distributors of modern furniture? Emfurn has three warehouses in Canada for you to visit in Richmond, Montreal, and Toronto. Emfurn is strongly influenced by mid-century visionary designs as well as industrial, classic, vintage, and modern furniture and decor. Emfurn offers free shipping to all North American addresses, and has a website variation in Canadian currency for Canadian residents to peruse in their free time. You can take a look at the selection online at your own convenience or visit one of the warehouses to get a feel for the real size, coloring, and textures of the pieces. 

  5. Canadel
    This family-owned company distributes their products all over the United States and Canada! They manufacture their own furniture, hand-assembled and eco-friendly ever since 1982. Canadel prides itself on customer service and quality communication, even offering personalized products ordered by individual customers. Their prevailing value is family, and they strive to manufacture timeless, classic furniture that can be passed down through the generations. Beginning with dining room furniture and decor, Canadel has since blossomed into a thriving, extensive modern furniture distributor with more than one contemporary design collection with subtle variations to suit your personal artistic and aesthetic preferences.

Hopefully some of these recommendations proved useful to you. Your options for modern furniture certainly aren’t limited by living in Canada instead of America. Finding a reputable modern furniture distributor or warehouse can be a bit difficult depending on where you live, but thanks to the Internet, you have access to many more options than you might think at first. Don’t be afraid to try a few different brands and designers before you find your favorite one! Check them out today! Protection Status


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