Be playful – Update your child’s room

March 16, 2018

Be playful – Update your child’s room

What is more challenging than decorating your child’s room? You want to create the perfect place for your children – a place where they can relax, play with friends and become involved in all sorts of fun activities. So we think that in order to create a safe and popular haven for your little one, you need plenty of patience and oodles of attention to detail.

We’ve hunted high and low to find lots of child-friendly interiors, to give you some wonderful ideas on how to decorate your child’s bedroom and gain some major parent points!

Children have brilliant imaginations so don’t forget to use yours when you’re choosing key pieces to bring the room to life. Pick lamps in bright and bold colours, and place funny puppets and stuffed animals on the shelves. And what better to feed a child’s imagination than books? Not only does a bookshelf make the perfect addition to a room, a comfortable chair will help your child to curl up while they are transported to lands only found in fairytales! We love the Charles Eames RAR Rocking Chair and we are sure that children will love it too!

Talking of bookshelves, this innovative tree-shaped bookshelf really makes us smile. From the moment we are born we are influenced by nature. So why not bring the outdoors indoors with a tree bookshelf or wall decoration? It’s the perfect piece for your little one to store their favourite books and most-treasured items.

This brilliant bunk bed is the perfect compromise when your children have to share the same room and you want to save space. You could even set up a desk or shelves underneath the bed to provide storage space and the ideal area for your child to draw and complete their homework. Why not hang up a curtain to create more privacy, hide clutter or even transform the bed into a fun puppet theatre?!

E voila! It is all about creativity. This room is beautifully thrown together with a mixture of colours and styles. Simple homemade artwork, vintage discoveries, a patchwork quilt and quirky objects make this a delightful children’s room.

Plenty of storage space is a must in a children’s room. Huge shelf units are the perfect storage option. Not only will it encourage your child to remain neat and tidy you can also create a nice study area. Also, a good-sized desk and a comfortable chair like the Verner Panton Chair for Kids, are brilliant for studying and completing school projects. Vintage furniture, painted in soft pastel colours looks fantastic offset against white walls. Add some colourful accessories and toys to brighten up the room.

Why not ask your little one for their own ideas and work together to create a fun and relaxing space that you can both enjoy?! Protection Status


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