Bright ideas to light up your interior!

March 30, 2018

Bright ideas to light up your interior!

Lighting a room is not quite as simple as turning on a switch… Here we give you some bright ideas and top tips on how to light up your home.

Mirror, mirror…

Mirrors blend well with any interior, they make the room seem larger and help to reflect the daylight. Place a floor length mirror directly opposite your window as a way of brightening up any dark rooms. Alternatively, group smaller mirrors together in an imaginative way and even paint their frames in a matching colour to add that designer touch to your décor.

Add that sparkle to your room by using mirrored furniture. They provide great storage space and additional light.

Rise and shine!

A touch of sparkle adds glamour and elegance to any décor. Choose furniture and textures with a glossy finish or metallic accessories made from copper and brass as a way of glitzing up your tables. Reflective objects catch the light and cast it playfully around the entire room; they are a great way of spreading natural light around your home.

Accent lighting

Accent lighting is the most creative lighting option of them all. Place wall-mounted sconces to provide visual separation and highlight certain parts of the room. Accent lights should be brighter than the ambient light level, use them to showcase a feature in the room like a painting or a focal point and they will add style and an artistic touch to your room.

Task lighting

When choosing lighting, take into account the atmosphere you want to create and what function it brings to your room. Use table lamps and swing-arm lamps as a practical way to illuminate a specific area and brighten the rest of the room with soft lighting fixtures such as pendant lamps or chandeliers. This will provide an ambient backdrop and infuse elegance to your interior.

Colour scheme

Learn how to take advantage of the light exposure in your room by taking note of the way in which your room faces. Colours can have a major impact in any room and help alter its apparent dimensions. Choose walls and floors in a light colour scheme to make dark spaces look brighter and add furniture or accessories with radiant, vivid colours to balance. Protection Status


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