The Best Places to Snag Deals on Furniture in Canada

January 12, 2018

The Best Places to Snag Deals on Furniture in Canada

Many people tend to associate quality with luxury prices, but those of us who operate on a tighter budget know this isn’t always the case. There are plenty of discount scores that offer high-quality, long-lasting options, not to mention a predictable sale schedule, and in the age of the Internet there is always almost a good coupon code just around the corner, so to speak. This is made even more true when you’re hunting for dependable furniture that you can count on passing down your children or at least not needing to replace for a good several years. If you’re located in Canada and are on the hunt for some good furniture but don’t want to put a hole in your wallet, stay tuned!

Joss & Main

This online retailer has a bit of everything: the ultra-contemporary, the classic, the timeless, the boho. Joss & Main is an extension of Wayfair and AllModern that is almost always having some huge blowout sale. Their website also has a few ready-made “Inspiration boards” for you to peruse and get some ideas for your own home improvement project, and a “Room planner” design tool that you can use to simulate your real home online. Whether you’re looking for a brand new living room couch, new drapes for the windows, light fixtures, bedding, or something else, Joss & Main is sure to have it - and it’s probably on sale.

Costco Canada

Yes, you read that right. Costco truly does have everything. The furniture variety at Costco is pretty simplistic, which makes sense as it’s designed to exude utilitarian appeal to a large audience. However, the basic designs make it versatile and easy to personalize, and you can be sure that the furniture, storage units, light fixtures, bedding, and more are all sturdy and dependable for years to come. If you have a very specific taste in accessories and wall art, Costco Canada might not be the best for you, but if you’re looking for the best deals, it’s the perfect place to start.


Mobilia offers a wide variety of products and items in a multitude of different styles and prides itself on its affordable prices. Mobilia offers high-quality designs at reasonable prices for all budgets to find something they enjoy. Self-described as Canada’s very first leather furniture retailer and the most affordable high-quality furniture distributor out there, Mobilia remains at the forefront of the introduction of European-style furniture into everyday Canadian households. Mobilia was founded in Montreal in 1966, and today the family-owned business has a total of eight different locations across Ontario and Quebec. Not that it’s likely, but if you truly can’t find anything that speaks to you on their website’s extensive catalog, you can always place an order for a custom piece that’s sure to express your personality and taste unlike any other.

Amazon Canada

Did you know that Amazon has a whole furniture section? You might have perused their organizational and storage units before - everybody loves free shipping with Prime and the price-low-to-high feature, not to mention the fact that Amazon is eligible for coupon codes with Honey and sometimes eligible for certain cash-back memberships like Ebates. Whether your style is vintage, boho, contemporary, art deco, modern, or anything else, you’re sure to find what you need on Amazon, which hosts a seemingly infinite number of vendors just waiting to help you find the best deal you can. One of the greatest things about Amazon is the customer review service, where verified buyers will post their opinions and even pictures of the item they receive, so you’re sure to find something you can count on giving you high quality at a low price.

Best Buy Canada

You might not have known that Best Buy is about more than just electronics, luggage, and toys: they have a considerable variety of high-quality furniture items available at affordable budget prices. The Best Buy Canada website hosts a “Hottest Savings” section that is constantly being updated, as well as an option to reserve the item in store and pick it up yourself (don’t worry, you can of course opt to have the items shipped and delivered directly to your door, if you prefer). The Best Buy Canada website also has an “Outlet Centre,” which should be the first page you visit if you’re really hunting for a deal, because that’s where they post all their discounted clearance, overstock deals, factory refurbishments, and more.

Surplus Furniture

Ever heard of Surplus Furniture? It has locations in Ontario, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, New Brunswick, Nova Scotia, Newfoundland, and even Prince Edward Island. Surplus Furniture offers unbelievable deals on high-quality furniture, including free layaway, no payments for 12 months, and even same-day delivery on all items! Surplus Furniture is run by a team of experts who hunt for deals from other brands and then purchase the furniture directly from those manufacturers in order to provide them to the public. Whether you need a new kitchen table or bed frame, Surplus Furniture is sure to have it cheaper than nearly anywhere else you could find. Protection Status


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