Top 5 Kitchen Island Ideas

February 13, 2018

Top 5 Kitchen Island Ideas

If you want a fresh look for your kitchen but can’t commit to a complete renovation, the addition of a tasteful island in the empty space of the kitchen, and the corresponding downsizing or even total removal of a kitchen table, can help keep you organized in ways you weren’t able to take advantage of before. That’s why we’ve put together this list of five easy- ideas that can help a kitchen island totally transform your cluttered kitchen while staying true to your personal taste.

  1. Capitalize on Your Storage Space by Investing in a Multi-Level Island

    Islands are great for style and design, but their great usefulness comes by way of their storage opportunity. For example, if you have the option to play a more direct role in the design and installation of your kitchen island, opt to create some variation in the height of the island. This modern touch allows for more utility of the island while physically compartmentalizing the activities of different spaces. If you have one level for food preparation, such as something with an electric burner or stovetop or even a sink, while having a food-friendly bar on a higher tier is a great way to divvy up the tasks and create the illusion of having two different spaces all in one island!

    Aside from expanding your counter space, kitchen islands make it easy to avoid excessive kitchen clutter by adding more shelving space, cabinet space, and of course, plenty of drawers. You might have noticed how your appliances take up most of your cabinet space, and how easy it is for different cooking utensils to get all mixed together crammed into one drawer. Islands give you the option of displaying some of your nicer items in the open space, hiding away certain pots or appliances that you don’t use as often, or even keeping your most frequently-used pots and appliances within easy reach. You might even find yourself able to install a handy little wine fridge in the body of the island, which is great for helping your refrigerator stay organized and decluttered too.

  2. Use Hanging Storage and Ceiling Space

    One of the great things about islands is that it becomes much easier to take advantage of the space above the island! You can use all kinds of hanging storage methods to store your cookware and pans, your best glasses, and other important kitchen utensils. You might choose to work with a bright hanging lamp to give you the best lighting as you prepare food and spend time eating with the family. If you’ve got a few extra dollars, you can even install some overhead vents, fan, or hood, if you’ve installed an electric stovetop. Keeping important elements like lighting, venting, and even cooking items can be a great way to open up the workspace and keep you from becoming distracted as you work.

  3. Expand Your Seating Options

    The great thing about islands is their versatility, and one of their most attractive aspects is the option to add seating. Whether you want make something of a modern bar-style seating option, or if you can’t find a better way to fit in a dining table, adding barstools and tall chairs is an easy way to optimize the functionality of the island. This seating style also allows family members or guests to interact more socially as you cook. If possible, leave the lip of the counter jutting out about six inches from the main surface of the island. This nifty overhang allows your guests to sit comfortably without banging their knees against the island and also serves as an easy place to tuck or slide the stools underneath when nobody’s sitting in them! Talk about convenient!

  4. Keep the Counter Space Clear

    Although we’ve been raving about how great islands are for additional storage, it can be easy to use this new countertop space as a catchall for random items and messes, causing it to require a thorough cleanup after each use - and that’s the opposite of what you want! That’s why it’s important to be careful that you don’t use the island as just another surface to hold things. Keep the surface as clear as you can, which will create a smooth and comfortable environment for eating. Tasteful centerpieces like vases of flowers or small glass sculptures might help it feel more lived-in while keeping a clean, welcoming look.

  5. Tie Together the Overall Style and Design of the Kitchen

    Aside from their storage and functionality, islands are a perfect addition to your kitchen because they can really accentuate the style of the room. Everything from the size to the shape, color palette, even surface textiles of the island give you ample opportunity to play with contrast, cohesion, or pretty much any other kind of aesthetic. Experimenting with the colors and shapes of the island can be a great way to add a more distinctive look to your kitchen if it’s been feeling drab or doesn’t fit will with the design and decor styles of the rest of your home.

As you can see, kitchen islands are not only great for organizing and spreading out the workflow throughout the kitchen, but can act as a great way to bring together the overall look and feel of the kitchen. Even though islands are permanent fixtures, you might be surprised at the way they can open up more space while making the kitchen feel more organized without adding clutter or crowding. Protection Status


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