Trend Tag – ‘No edge in sight’

April 18, 2018

Trend Tag – ‘No edge in sight’

Are you bored with the straight lines of your room?  Is our inherent human nature susceptible to feel cozier and more relaxed around smooth, curved lines?  Trend experts have analyzed that rounded forms have the visual impact of calming the human mind.

Everywhere you look your eyes meet the geometrical form of shelves, tabletops, door and window frames, creating a matrix of parallel and perpendicular lines.  Mix it up with the curved edges and rounded corners of modern classics such as the Panton Chair.

The trend to look out for at the moment is bringing home the elegance of fluid shapes and organic lines.  Trendsetters state it is the result of our ever growing busy lifestyle and the instinct to create a stress free environment in our sanctuary of peace, which is home.

Designed in 1967 the imaginative design of the Verner Panton Chair offers that creative nuance to your living space. The unique design is the result of Panton’s ambition to create a comfortable, all-purpose plastic chair.  His extensive understanding of the design potential of plastic gave birth to the distinctive single-mold form of the chair, which breaks from conventional furniture construction. Protection Status


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