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EMFURN is a leader in online modern furniture retailing options, ranging from a wide selection of Mid-Century Modern Furniture, Modern Furniture, Industrial Furniture, and scores of other availabilities. Emfurn accentuates the shopping experience by catering to a wide audience whose preferences run the gamut from simplistic, sleek designs to fun, eccentric décor. A combination of different influences power a comprehensive catalogue where everyone can find something to love and take home. Emfurn Modern Furniture proudly ship to customers across Canada.


Mid-Century Modern Furniture


Mid-Century Modern is a term coined in the mid-20th century that referenced significant global developments in interior, product, architecture, graphic design, and urban development. Today, this classification represents models of the most iconic designs at economic prices for realizing one’s personal space. Conventional wood designs were replaced by an upsurge of cleverly executed merchandise that compromised of modern materials stretching from plastic, to bent wood, to steel tubing, and glass. Be it for the home, the office, or the outdoors, Mid-Century Modern furniture claims absolute uniqueness, and Emfurn is a proud carrier of Mid-Century Modern Furniture’s extensive taste. Some of the most famous pieces of this era are the Barcelona chair, Eames lounge chair, Egg chair and Tulip dining table.


Modern Furniture


Modern furniture indicates furniture born in the late 19th century through the present that is inspired by modernism. This style drew heavily from post-World War II values that shunned excessive commodification and cut overly expressive aesthetics in furniture in favor of visual lightness. Modern furniture was a very stark departure from previous furniture designs, as it presented opposition to the decorative arts like Art Nouveau, Neoclassical, and Victorian charm. Traditional dark or gold-plated carved wood and abundantly colorful fabrics made room for gleaming minimalism and the shaping of refined metal. The transition from decorative to simplistic embraced functionality, and Emfurn folded Modern Furniture into its capable arms for others to enjoy and rave about.


Contemporary Furniture


Much like Modern Furniture, contemporary furniture follows the latest trends. Contemporary modern furniture designs achieve its concepts from modernists. Its very essence is directly interpreted into furniture and creates commodities that revolve around a simplistic approach to overall observable themes. Contemporary Furniture is distinguished from other furniture by its design, materials, and philosophy. Owners play a big role in determining what they wish for their furniture to accomplish. The overall design, including shape, texture, and colors, should stand out from its material. Simple and lacking excessiveness, contemporary design combines the beauty of its materials with its purposed utility for a visually stunning product. Search Emfurn’s Contemporary Modern Furniture styles and realize your furniture dreams!

Industrial Furniture

Industrial design gained traction in the early 2000s and continued its popularity into the 2010s. It refers to the design that alludes to old factories and industrial spaces for a loftier and more abstruse appeal. Key components of industrial style design include weathered wood, building systems, exposed brick, industrial lighting fixtures, and concrete. Industrial design can be found in most urban areas including cities. With an air of rawness and fresh potential, Industrial modern furniture offers the opportunity to go nude with a natural color palette of grays, neutrals, and rustic tints. Neutral shades allow for the room to appear more open and help create a natural flow for optimal relaxation. A staple item in any industrial style room is a large sectional that helps to divide up the living area. Floor lamps are also prevalent choices amongst Industrial Modern Furniture. Emfurn provides a fitting selection of Industrial Furniture for natural ambiance.


Vintage Furniture


Known also as Retro or Antique Furniture, Vintage Furniture is a collectible type of interior furnishing that quite obviously wears its age. Normally, Vintage Furniture is dubbed as desirable collector’s items for its dated and rare condition and utilization. Storage furniture under Vintage tutelage are used to hold or contain smaller objects like household goods on display. It is a form of decorative art that is symbolic of one’s classic personality. Recreate the vintage look with vintage modern furniture. Vintage Modern Furniture can be made from many materials, including metal, plastic, and wood.


Whether you’re looking for living room seating, dining room tables, lighting, bedroom wares, storage capabilities, or outdoor patio furniture, these styles are combined to generate an immersive and timeless shopping experience for customers. At Emfurn, buying high quality modern furniture is analogous to purchasing objects emulating ageless art. Emfurn’s ceaseless customer service ensures complete satisfaction and an appreciation for those on the lookout to buy the right furniture whose designs are transported across the years.

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