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Welcome to the Emfurn Home Bloggers Club!

Here at Emfurn, we value each and every home.  As more and more talented home design bloggers open their home for everyone, interior design has never become easier.  Become a part of Emfurn’s Home Bloggers Club program, a group of creative, brilliant bloggers which inspire, share, and connect with each other.

Our Home Bloggers are eligible to participate in the following opportunities:
Social media exposure from
Involvement in exciting sponsored campaigns (DIY challenges, live events, decorating projects, and more)
New members will be featured on our popular blog
Monthly newsletters with tips, contest information, case studies, etc.
Inside scoop on events and happenings
A link to your blog, name, and headshot featured on some of our highest trafficked pages

Interested in joining the club? Email us at with the information below to get started!

Your blog must cover: Home Decor/Design, DIY/Crafting, Food, Lifestyle, Parenting, or similar
Your blog must not feature offensive material
Your blog must be at least one year old
Your blog must have a post frequency of at least twice per week
We like to see all of our applicants and Home Bloggers to participate on a variety of social media platforms and engage with their communities
Sponsored posts, product reviews, and giveaways should make up less than 25% of your blog's content

Mailing address
Blog name/URLBlog
Blog birthday (MM/DD/YY)
How often do you post?
Monthly pageviews (approximately)
Number of subscribers (RSS feed)
Please provide links to your social media pages (Pinterest, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc.)
Why are you interested in joining this club?
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